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New Kid on the Block! Volkswagen Polo Review

Written by Jeffrey Mills

2019 Volkswagen Polo

With a wave of new cars entering the South African market, Volkswagen has released a number of new cars. The one that has caught the attention of many South Africans is the new Polo. This good-looking car is an exciting option for buyers looking for economical car with great economy .We tested the new VW Polo and here are some of the things we noticed.

The Polo is available in various different trim levels from the entry level 1.0 TSI comfortline up to the super sporty 2.0TSI GTI variant. The Polo offers class leading comfort and performance for cars in this segment. The car we tested is powered by a 1.0 TSI engine that produces 70 kW of power and 175 N.m of torque with the car taking 10.8 seconds to reach 100 km/h. These figures seem relatively low by today’s standards but the Polo is no slouch! The car pulls exceptionally well and does not suffer from turbo lag. The 5 speed manual gearbox is delightfully smooth with great feel from the clutch pedal.

The car is a very comfortable daily driver with lots of functions such as Air Conditioning, Bluetooth, USB functionality, Daytime LED running lights and a Touch Screen as standard. The infotainment system is easy to use when on the go. The cabin is spacious and great for having passengers in the car. The steering is light and responsive, making the car very nimble in and around town. With an average fuel economy of 4.5L/100KM, the car is delightfully economical on fuel and great for everyday use.

With prices for the new Polo starting at R252 400 for the Trendline variant (R282 500 for the Comfortline as tested), the car is a great package and one of the best in its segment. We are big fans of the new generation of the Polo and would definitely recommend it.

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