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Volkswagen Golf R - Ownership Review

By Ethan Wagenaar

Volkswagen Golf 7.5 R - The most amazing and beautiful car in my opinion when it comes to curves, edges, sound, interior, exterior. It’s quick and the braking power is phenomenal. It’s an all round amazing car.

Starting with the interior, it is worth every penny because it’s so spacious, and who would’ve thought in such a ‘small’ car. The boot space is quite enormous with the R being the 2018 model it came with all the new features such as a 12 inch touch screen with Apple CarPlay, navigation and even just performance dials and a lap timer. The seats on the other hand ,not disappointed in them but had higher hopes. The seat is comfortable and so amazing just to sit and relax but it still has the extra attention to be a seat that keeps you in place while taking corners, I still expected a bit more from the seats considering the R-Line is one of its top market offers, and the fact that it has a healthy 228 kW from it’s factory 2.0L turbocharged engine.

The car itself, just in terms of appearance, the amount of colours you get starting with 5 standard colours but then getting 40 more special order colours that will make your Golf unique, I couldn’t be happier as a daily drivable car. I enjoy it because not only is it comfortable it’s relevantly small and quick, and when you just wanna have a small race with someone at the traffic lights, ensuring there’s no cops, launch control with its AWD capability the Golf is the king of traffic light to traffic light races because not only does it take on its rivals but it can take an M4/M3 because of the drivetrain. Sure you won’t be able to drift and let the back out a bit but a casual launch here and there isn’t such a bad thing especially when you have a full exhaust. It’s a king on the streets and the winner of my heart, I can’t personally speak about how it sounds with the stock exhaust but with a full exhaust it’s a whole different type of machine.

This car is amazing in all aspects such as cornering, speed, comfort, elegance, let’s say you want to go some where fancy even your car can look as good as you, formal or informal, the car is amazing. It attracts the eyes of many but trust me, you have to experience it before you comment on it - even if you have to test drive it, if possible, trust me it’s worth it!

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