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10 Tips To Make Your Petrol Last Longer

With the ever growing cost of things, everyone's pockets are getting tighter and with that petrol costs are skyrocketing. To help everyone survive the tough months ahead, this list will be detailing the ways to make your tank last that bit longer. Let's take a look at what you can do to save some money!

Take it slow!

A heavy right foot is the quickest way to deplete your petrol. Accelerate gradually from a standstill to ensure you don't use more petrol than necessary.

Correct tyre pressure

Make sure your tyres are correctly inflated. If you are not sure what the correct pressures are, there is a chart on the inside of the driver's door like the picture below.

Move Light

Try not to have unnecessary weight, such as heavy boxes, in your car as the added weight causes your petrol to finish quicker.


Unfortunately using your aircon does contribute to the car's fuel economy and not in a good way. Minimal use of the car's aircon can positively benefit your fuel economy.

Shifting sooner

Changing gears lower in the rev range is good for your fuel economy. Some cars are equipped with a shift indicator which suggests the optimal gears to be in for the best fuel economy.

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Keeping up with your cars services and making sure that it is in tip-top shape will ensure it does not burn fuel unnecessarily or excessively.

Reduce drag

The more drag you have, the more fuel you will use. Reduce drag by driving with the windows up and not having additional items on the exterior of your car (ie. a ski box).


Stop-start traffic does hammer your fuel economy. Try avoiding traffic jams by either using alternative routes or leaving outside of peak traffic times.

Good quality fuel

The better the fuel, the better your engine can preform. Good quality fuel burns more efficiently in comparison to lower grade fuels.


Reducing the time your car is left idling will save you fuel. Cars with start-stop technology are able to achieve better fuel economy.

Thanks for reading and we hope you have safe travels!

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