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5 Cars that always get overlooked! (but shouldn't)

With the amount of cars always making the rounds on social media, its easy to see which cars people find to be "the best" or "amazing" but there are quite a few really good cars that tend to get overlooked but in all honesty, are great cars in their own right. These overlooked gems seem to either not be as exciting as their counterparts or have predetermined stigmas attached to them. Let's take a look at these unsung heroes!

Number 1: Audi S3

One of the best everyday-cars on the market. The Audi S3 tends to be overlooked not because of any short comings of its own but more down to others models in the VW group. The Volkswagen Golf R and Audi RS3 models tend to get more love online due to their respective cult followings. Don't let it's lack of internet presence fool you, this is a phenomenal car!

Number 2: Nissan GTR (R35)

You might be thinking to yourself, "this car is absolutely everywhere online!" but when looking at the number of cars on the road in relation to it's competitors (particularly the Germans), it paints a completely different picture. Outside of power and tuning capabilities, people who aren't familiar with potential of this titan tend to overlook it due to its somewhat underwhelming looks when stock and sub-par interior in favour of other cars in the segment. Despite this, Godzilla still deserves respect! This platform offers so much by way of modifications and styling options to make a real supercar-slayer!

Number 3: Honda Civic Type R

A car that certainly divides opinion. Some see it as a driver's car, others see it as a boy racer's car. Regardless of what people say, this car pushes above its weight in terms of performance. Competing with the likes of the Volkswagen Golf R, the Civic does not get enough fan fair for what it is. Definitely an acquired taste, this car should not be slept on!

Number 4: BMW X5M

A BMW? Underrated? I can imagine that's what you are thinking but let me explain where I am coming from. The X5 is currently sitting in an awkward position in BMW's current line-up. It sits between the X3 and X7 and although BMW have yet to release an M variant of the X7, the X3M Competition has overshadowed the X5M in the South African space. Why is this? Probably due to the use of the M3/M4 engine in the X3 and X4 M Competition models. With all this taken into account, the X5M is a real powerhouse which offers a bit more in the way of power and usability. Great looks and serious power, should definitely be getting more attention.

Number 5: Mercedes-AMG CLA45 S

The 'shark-faced' sedan. This beauty is often overlooked in favour of the A45S which, in all honesty, has fallen off a bit in terms of interest with the imminent arrivals of the new Golf R and Audi RS3. In terms of looks and performance, it is surprising that the new CLA doesn't capture as many people as its competitors do. Hard to tell what it is about this car that doesn't excite people (other than its price tag).

Let me know your thoughts below. Tell me what cars you feel should or shouldn't be on this list and why!

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