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BMW X6 M Review

By Jeffrey Mills

We tested the 2012 X6 M and we got to spend some time with the big, luxury family SUV. This vehicle is equipped with a twin-turbo V8 that produces 408 kW of power with BMW’s xDrive all-wheel drive system. The most surprising aspect of the car was not just how powerful it is, but how smooth the power delivery is. Being an SUV, it is not the lightest car around but it is definitely not a slouch.

Code named the E71 and finished in Alpine White. Fitted with an M-sport exhaust, the V8 rumbles as you cruise around in comfort. Fitted with features such as PDCs, cameras that offer front, rear and side view angles, the X6 becomes much easier to navigate with these features. A heads-up display appears when driving to display speed which is definitely a nice touch.

The X6 is best known for its coupe-style body shape which, at the time, was something not done by any other manufacturer. The design offers sporty looks for a car in this segment. With the hatch-style boot, the X6 offer a lot of boot space which is perfect from travelling with luggage. The car can easily fit three people in the back seat, although people who are very tall will struggle with head space due to the sloping roof line.

A negative point about the car has to be the poor visibility out of the rear windscreen which is due to the design of the vehicle. The car is by no means an off-roader as it is not the best over a rough terrain and is more suited to roads. Fuel economy is not its strong suit but you don’t buy a car like this if you are worried about fuel efficiency.

In summary, the BMW X6 M offers comfort, performance and a timeless design. The German beast has it all. BMW cars from this E-series generation still remain some of the best looking cars on the road. With a lot of SUVs available from various manufacturers, the X6 M offers something that is hard to find; a big, family car that offers comfort and practicality but has the sound and performance that gets your pulse racing.

Pictures courtesy of Peripeteia Branding and Marketing.

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