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Toyota Etios Review – The Economy Favourite

By Jeffrey Mills

At a time were things just seem to be getting more and more expensive, people have looked to more economical cars. With a wide variety of budget-friendly cars available, I took a look at the Toyota Etios. We reviewed the 2013 XS model in Sky Blue and I can see why it appeals to so many people.

Toyota released the Etios in 2012 and it is currently available in three different variations, namely; the hatchback, sedan and cross (hatch). Priced from R130 000 for a decent used model and up to R198 000 for a new model. The sedan is a popular car amongst Uber driving here in SA. The car is also a big favourite for individuals buying their first car. With a fuel economy of 6L per 100 KM, it definitely appeals to many individuals whether it is for private or business use.

The car may not be the fastest on the market with 66 kW of power from its 1.5L petrol engine, taking 11.3 seconds to get from 0-100 km/h. What the car lacks in power, it makes up for it in many other ways. The car comes from factory with a 3 year/ 100 000 km warranty with services at every 10 000 kilometres. After speaking to many owners, they can proudly attest to this car being rock solid for reliability, which is something highly sought after in today’s world.

I would say that the hatch is my pick of the bunch. It is compact, easy to drive and comfortable to be in. The XS variant comes standard with a cloth interior, USB and Aux functions, Air-conditioning and a 5-speed manual.

Another attractive element of the car is what the aftermarket car scene has to offer for it. Many people like modifying their car so it can stand out from the crowd. The car comes with a whole host of body kits, suspension and other aesthetic modifications available to this car. With many options available to this car, you can add your own personal touch to it without breaking the bank.

Just like with all cars, the Etios is not without its shortfalls. Although the car has a more minimalistic approach, one could say that it is rather plain and would need a bit more technology as standard. Another critique is the center speedometer in the car which is a bit odd but not uncommon (Seen on earlier Mini Coopers). This feature makes the dashboard less driver-focused. The final complaint that happens to some owners is an issue with the headlights as low beams may not work well but high beams to work. The issue can be resolved by taking the car into the dealership to have it checked out.

Taking everything into consideration, the car is makes for a very appealing package whether you are looking at buying your first car or even if you are looking for a workhorse for your business. The car is has appealing looks, great reliability and good comfort. A tireless runner that is simple, reliable, comfortable and affordable to run. It’s perfect for everyday driving.

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